Propeller Repair

Propeller Repair

propeller repair or impeller repair will normally save 60 % to 75% of the cost of replacement.

These are the most common propellers in use and are found on outboard engines and stern drives. Aluminium propellers can be effectively repaired even after severe damage Castle Marine can repair the blades, replace the diffuser rings, replace the exhaust sealing rings, and replace slipping hubs and re-pitch by up to 2″ up or down.

Example of standard aluminium propeller repair

Damaged Standard Quicksilver Aluminium Propeller

Repaired and ready for service. Looking and performing as good as new.

Saving over replacement 75%

Bronze propellers are used mainly on competition ski boats, sail boats, commercial fishing boats etc. Blades can be repaired, re-cupped, and re-pitch by up to 2″ up or down. On high performance boats the accuracy and consistency of configuration of the propeller is as important as the balance in preventing vibration and at Castle Marine we pay great attention to these details as well as balancing to an accuracy beyond that required by the manufacturers.

Example of ski boat propeller repair

High performance ski-boat propeller with 2 Blades damaged causing lack of performance and bad vibration.

Repaired propeller brought back to correct configuration and balance. This propeller will now run perfectly true and will perform as good as new.

Saving over replacement 80%

Used on outboards, stern drives, and ski boats they give several advantages. They are more durable, give better fuel economy, and increase speed by about 2 – 3 mph. At Castle Marine we can repair blades even with extensive damage, replace slipping bushes, balance to a very high standard of accuracy, re-pitch by up to 1″ up or down and offer a choice of finishes.


Sample of stainless Hi 5 repair

Quicksilver Hi-5 Stainless badly damaged after a collision with a floating rock?

The same propeller brought back to it’s former glory and ready to rip out skiers once again.

Saving over replacement 75%

Castle Marine repair commercial jet drive impellers up to 800mm diameter. We can repair damaged blades, correct worn diameters, and correct and change the pitch.

Sample of commercial impeller repair

This impeller was damaged during endurance trials and sustained far more damage than in normal use. As well as the obvious damage to the leading edges the outside diameter was worn in excess of 8mm.

The same impeller after refurbishment by Castle Marine now back to as new condition. With a 10 working day turn around and a saving in excess of 70% repair was the only real option.

Saving over replacement 70%

Duo Props. can be repaired and re-bushed. We normally request that both props. of the set are sent for repair in order to ensure that both props in the set are correctly configured. When one prop. in a set is visibly damaged it is quite possible that the mating prop. is also damaged to a lesser extent which will effect performance and fuel consumption. Duo props must run in harmony with each other.

Sample of F4 stainless duo propeller repair

Volvo stainless steel F4 Duo badly damaged after hitting rocks. Both props took sever damage.

The same propeller repaired and brought back to original configuration looking and performing like new. Saving over replacement 80%

We can replace slipping and damaged hubs in most makes of propeller including Stern Drive, Volvo Duo inc. F series, Volvo Glue in type, and all makes of outboard and outdrive . We carry comprehensive stocks of all the available hubs.